Europex IT is a specialized company that quickly finds and selects quality IT staff for small and large businesses. Most of the software engineers come from Russia. We earn only when you earn!

In today’s world of rapidly expanding technology, it is more vital than ever for your company to stay ahead of the competition. Every company’s value is measured by their personnel, and so finding the elite staff to drive forward the ambitions and innovation of your business is crucial to your long-term success. We have established a rigorous process to assess candidates’ competence and suitability for a job to ensure that they have all the skills required.

IT Recruitment Solutions for:

5 Stage Search and Selection of Software Engineers!

We care about customer satisfaction so we search very carefully.

Find out the needs

We find out the needs of our clients and know what kind of a developer and engineer they need.

Careful search

With years of work experience we are looking for a developer and engineer that meets the customer's needs.

A list of suitable candidates

We select those who meet the criteria and provide the customer with a list of suitable candidates.


We are testing the engineer the client has chosen, motivate them and take care for long-term cooperation.


We can participate in the work process. In the course of work, there is an opportunity to replace any developer or engineer, if needed.

Questions and Answers

1How can we start the recruitment process?
You can choose between two different options 1) Fill our this form on our website and our sales manager will contact you ( 2) Contact us via e-mail or call us.
2What are your competences?
We are experts in the HR field and we can help with the selection process. In terms of technologies, we can help find specialists in any field. The most popular are C#, Java, PHP, Python.
3How do you find developers?
Once we get a request, we place job advertisements online, use our own databases and headhunt people, if necessary.
4Where are the developers from?
All of our developers come from St. Petersburg in Russia, the time zone is GMT +3
5Can you bring developers in-house for us?
We do offer this possibility, but firstly we recommend remote cooperation This is to decide if the programmer is really capable of dealing with your daily tasks.
1Who will manage my remote developers? ++
We have a dedicated project manager who is supervising our developers. He will be in contact with you and you will be able to give him feedback, requests, instructions, etc.
2How long does it take you to fill a senior role?
We usually start offering candidates within 1 to 2 days. However, testing and interviews take additional time so it can take up to 2 weeks to recruit a developer.
3Will this developer work only for me?
Yes, our developer will work only for you. However, if the developer has extra time or wants extra work, we will ask your approval to give them additional tasks. If you disagree, such changes will not be allowed.
4What is the price of your service?
The price depends on the kind and expertise level of the developer. If give us more details about your needs and projects, we will send you an estimate.
5How can I be sure that my source code will remain safe with the developer working remotely?
We have non-disclosure agreements that must be signed by all parties.

Why Is It Worth to Choose EUROPEX IT?

Security and Speed

Our experience and large database make it easy to find suitable software engineer. Quick search (1-2 days).


We are able to find specialists or services that the customer is usually unable to find.


We test and motivate our candidates. Also, we can replace them, if needed. We carefully plan the workflow.

Complete solutions

Work is done remotely. No commitment is needed.


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