About Europex

We Care About the Work and Success of Clients’ Business!

Since 2006 have been supplying the Norwegian market with work force from European countries. Due to our unique combination of in-depth knowledge, operational efficiency and market expertise we can offer innovation without compromising on quality. Our experience and satisfied clients (see Europex, Business International Solution activity) prove that we have mastered the nuances of recruitment and selection. Our experience in selecting employees allows us to offer our support to you. We encourage you to entrust the search and selection of the right software engineer to us, Europex IT.

We are aware that it becomes difficult to find senior IT specialists. Companies are fighting over good software engineers. According to global statistics, finding a competent software engineer for companies takes around 2-3 months. So, it is time and energy consuming and costly. Employees’ integration, motivation and establishing long-time cooperation is not easy. Therefore, there is a large possibility that you may encounter differences in the recruitment process. Thus, we encourage you to entrust the search and selection process of the right software engineers to us. We need only 1-3 days to offer first candidates and 2-3 weeks to find a competent specialist. We could save more than 2 months of your time and your projects would start sooner.

Our Vision and Mission


be the world's leading responsible search firm.


provide the highest quality, values-led recruitment services delivered by consultants with long-standing experience. To use a search methodology derived from a passion for innovation, thought leadership and outstanding corporate social responsibility.

Most Popular Programms the Software Engineers Must Know:

1 C++
TensorFlow; Kubernetes; openCV and more
2 C#
.NET and more
3 MS Dynamics 365
Dynamics NAV; Dynamics AX; Dynamics GP; Dynamics SL
Revel and more
1 Java
Spring; Spring Boot; Maven; Gradle and more
2 Python
Django; Kubernetes; TensorFlow; openCV and more
Laravel; Symfony; Yii; Zend; Cake; CodeIgniter and more
Ruby on Rails and more
1 R
Data science
Play; Finch and more
jQuery; Angular; React; Vue; TypeScript; CofeeScript; Node.js; Backbone.js
Java; Kotlin; AndroidSDK
Swift; Objective-C
MySql; PostgreSQL; MongoDB; Oracle; Redis; MariaDB