How to Retain Your Best IT Specialists?

Companies Are In a Fierce Battle For IT Specialists.

It is no secret that Europe is lacking thousands of IT specialists. One of the biggest consultancy firms in Europe – empirica GmbH conveyed research of online job postings in Europe and identified that there were 373,000 open posts in October 2015. According to their projections, the number was supposed to grow up to 756,000 open IT job positions in 2020.


The new decade is here and the battle for IT specialists just begins to get intense. The best developers are getting hunted daily, bombarded with job offers and different perks, just to make them switch the job. It’s no secret that your best coders in the firm are experiencing this too.

Does your organization provide your coders with a chance of contribution towards the projects?



Does your organization provide your coders with a chance of contribution towards the projects? No highly skilled specialist wants to do the work blindly, they have to offer ideas, be able to criticize freely and commit to the continuous improvement of the company. This will help your employees grow roots into your team. It will not only help you to retain your developers but it will most likely help to increase their motivation to work as they will be working ideas contributed by themselves.



London Business School and University of North Carolina surveyed 154 recent MBA graduates who were four months into their jobs. Those who felt they could express their authentic selves at work were, on average, 16% more engaged and more committed to their organizations than those who felt they had to hide their authenticity

So, allow your developers to express themselves. If they want to play video games during breaks – let them do that. If they cannot wake up early in the morning and come in an hour late – let them do that as well.



California-based tomato processing company Morning Start has employees write “personal commercial mission statements”. They reflect who they are and specify their goals for a given time period. These goals must contribute to the company’s success. The statements are embedded in contracts known as “colleague letters of understanding”. Each employee negotiates with coworkers, how he or she will collaborate with others to achieve the stated mission.

When people can describe their goals and visions themselves, they feel more motivated to accomplish and reach them. It will also show that you care about your developers as you not only help them to contribute to the company’s life but you will also help them grow personally.



There are many ways to ask for feedback. You could do it at regular meetings or through anonymous feedback surveys. Your staff needs to feel that they are completely free to offer feedback without any reprisal at all. Lack of trust between IT specialists and managers won’t bring any honest feedback and will have negative effects on employee retention rather than positive. So, trust is a very crucial factor in asking for feedback.

By providing your developers with regular constructive feedback about their code, ideas, or overall work performance, you can encourage them to continually improve or keep up the good work. Your support will make employees feel valued and appreciated, further improving staff retention rates.

If you truly want to be a great employer and retain your IT specialists for a long period of time, then communicate and allow your coders to speak their mind freely, let them be themselves. Create a feeling of importance by making each developer define their mission with goals and vision that contribute to company’s success, what they want to achieve for the company this year.

Always ask for feedback for yourself and the company, and then provide feedback individually to each person. Let them know that they are important because they truly are.




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