As an outsourcing agency, we will take all the hard work off your shoulders and take the responsibility for wages, bonuses, equipment granted to a worker, so you can focus on your goals.


We can assemble a team of software developers for you based on your requirements. As your partner, we will take the project workflow and manage it from A to Z.

Project Management and Control

Our team can offer wide range of expertise in web based, data warehouse, integrated or data exchange solutions. Our flexibility gives us advantage in projects of any scale.


Since 2006 have been supplying the Norwegian market with work force from European countries…

We are aware that it becomes difficult to find senior IT specialists. Companies are fighting over good programmers and we noticed that it takes 2-3 months on average to find a competent programmer. So, it is time and energy consuming and costly. Employees’ integration, motivation and establishing long-time cooperation is not easy. Therefore, there is a large possibility that you may encounter differences in the recruitment process. Thus, we encourage you to entrust the search and selection process of the right programmers to us. We need only 2-3 weeks to find a competent specialist. We could save more than 2 months of your time and your projects would start sooner.



We can help large companies that are experiencing a shortage of competent staff. If you have pending projects, are battling with inaccuracies, or the search for a suitable developer or engineer takes more time than expected, we’re here to help.


We can offer remote software engineers or additional assistance, if the developers on-site are unable to tackle the arising difficulties, which results in project delays or other inconveniences, no difference, whether it is a one-off assignment or constant project work.


We’re ready to deploy our resources if you need just a little help from outside – maybe you’re struggling with the volume of your projects, or simply have one too many. We are here in all cases when you need development services for one-off assignments or even entire projects.

What we offer

Programmers work remotely, in the client’s system. If necessary, other work options are also available. If necessary, we are able to arrange business trips to your offices. If teams need to work closely for faster communication, we offer our developers short secondments.
Service without prepayment

Non-disclosure agreements

First candidates in 1-3 days

Huge database and effective methods

Appropriate specialists only

Project control

Engineers that write good quality, readable code

Guarantee of free employee substitution

Communication with clients is conducted in English.


How we do it

Establishing the needs

We find out the needs of our clients and know what kind of a developer and engineer they need.n the last five to six years the FTA satellite.

Careful search

With years of work experience, we look for a developer and engineer that meets the customer’s needs.

Presenting possible options

We select those who meet the criteria and provide our client with a list of suitable candidates.


We test, motivate and take care of the engineer the client has chosen for long-term cooperation.


Our participation in the work processes us optional. In the course of work, there is an opportunity to replace any developer or engineer, if needed.

Quick search

Diversity and excellent specialists of narrow specialization

Programmers works remotely

Programmers are flexible and can work in different time frames and be available out of normal work hours

We test and motivate our personnel and take care for long-time cooperation.

Controlled working speed


Tell us about your issues

Let us find a suitable programmer for you! We can find the professionals you need.

Our extensive database lets us offer candidates as soon as possible. Only then you decide on our further cooperation.

They work with us: